About Dr. Cohen

I am Dr. Jared Cohen, husband to Dr. Caterina Campesi, and father of 2 beautiful children.  I graduated from Nova Southeastern University, in Davie,Florida with a degree in Psychology, and a minor in Biology.  I graduated from Life University in 2001 with a doctorate in Chiropractic.  My wife and I decided to move to beautiful sunny south florida in 2003, and in 2005 decided to open our own practice, so that we can implement our own philosophies and type of care.  WE STRONGLY BELIEVE IN THE PATIENT ALWAYS COMES FIRST.  THAT WHILE YOU ARE IN OUR PRACTICE, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR CARE, AND THAT THE DOCTOR SHOULD BE AVAILABLE LONG THEN 2 MINUTES...ALTHOUGH WE ACCEPT MOST CASES OF CARE, WE ARE PRIMARILY A FAMILY CARE PRACTICE!  WE LIVE WITHIN THE COMMUNITY, AND ARE VERY ACTIVE IN THE COMMUNITY.

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